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How To Build Quality Backlinks For SEO

SEO is a shrewd octopus in the sea of web marketing, and if any one of its tentacles gets latched on to the right target, astounding results in terms of search volumes can be obtained at a very progressive rate. Today’s topic of discussion is primarily about aiming these tentacles at the right targets from a different perspective, that is overlooked upon by many SEO experts.

So for today’s discussion in SEO we have:

Backlinking in SEO!

Backlinking for dummies, in a nutshell is a display of your product in someone else’s shop, without going overboard about its presence there. The way a shop or supermarket stocks different products related to that particular aisle, Backlinking is the practice of mentioning and linking your webpage on someone else’s website, related to a specific niche. Any of the world’s best SEO company looks at it it as a seed sown in a field, which will slowly attract many potential visitors overtime.

Well How Do We Do That?

We’ll get to that in a minute. But it is to be understood that Backlinking can be your fluent gateway to achieving the ranking you dreamed of, by implementing a few methodological SEO tips.

Weaving The Ends:

A smooth transition between links is a necessity in building a good Backlink. When a visitor gets hold of one your Backlinks, he would have the provision to move onto any of one your internal web pages from the website. Internal linking done smartly will trick the visitor in navigating through your website, fulfilling your ultimate goal saving cost’s on expensive SEO packages from any SEO services in India.

Write For Others:

The essence of Backlinking lies in getting your name on somebody else’s billboard.

So Why Not Write The Billboard Yourself?

A full proof way to get your name on their Billboard is to, approach website admins/owners within your niche and ask them if you can write something for their website.

And Where Will You Find Such Websites?

That’s easy. Simply start by visiting the popular websites in your niche and keep an eye on an opportunity that may open for a Guest writer. Another way is to search the web using the “Guest” keyword, followed by a keyword related to your niche. The wound up results should help enough in breaking the ice.

Building With The Broken:

Since Google’s deployment of the nofollow/ follow links policy, another legit method of Backlinking took roots years ago, among every SEO agency. Check whether the link on a particular page you are on, is valid. If the links appear to be broken or directs you to a page that does not exist, you can get in touch with the site owner and suggest resourcing a better quality and updated version of resource i.e your Webpage.

Immediate Backlinking accomplished!

Follow The Trail :

Your competitors may have a higher ranking than you, but throughout their advent they have been dropping a trail behind them. This trail refers to the Backlinks they are using which can be monitored using Use their Backlinks for projecting your website, trash the ones that aren’t being productive for you and start directing traffic your way.

With these four important hacks we conclude the Zen Of Backlinking, which may not turn you into a SEO expert, but would help enough in expanding your business online.


How To Do SEO For Local Businesses

For those concerned about the stagnation of their local business and others who have nailed the hammer on the head locally, but haven’t yield any satisfactory results online.

There has always been a consistent reality check for you.

Your ratings haven’t been consistent and neither do the statistics of locals making use of your website’s resources look good.The gap between the success achieved by your competitors and you has been widening day by day, becoming bothersome.

As a proud owner of a restaurant business your started down the lane, but your place always remained a hidden gem in your locality due to the less defined nature of your business on the web. Or one couldn’t get hold of the timings and details of your General store, due to the lack of its business specifics online.

Wait. You haven’t considered using SEO till now, have you?

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How To Do On Page SEO

On-Page SEO critically optimizes web pages, and is all the rage these days among SEO experts and SEO consultants. Apart from regular Blog posts published by you and other Social media posts linking users to your website, Off-Page optimization is done without directly interacting with the core elements on the website, whereas On-Page SEO concludes changes inside the code and content. This secret known to any best SEO company thrives on small but crucial moves played out carefully, ensuring a notable flow of traffic on the website.

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Why Will SEO Not Work In Your Favor

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is placed at the helm, for websites that long for an increase in visitors around the web. Although Social media and promotional content on other websites can be a gateway for visitors to pour through on your website, search engines hold a massive share in improving its visibility. Ranging from experts to beginners there are common places where mistakes happen, blurring the practice of productive SEO.

This is where we bust the myth:

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What is On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is a process of making all the possible changes to your website, in terms of making it more Search Engine Friendly. On page optimization is a third step in the process of SEO preferred to be done before Off Page Optimization.

Some SEO experts prefer to do On Page after planting the first set of backlinks. However that is not a advisable method if you are new to SEO.

Checklist for On Page Optimization:

  1. Meta title tag optimization
  2. Meta keyword tag optimization
  3. Meta description tag optimization
  4. Meta canonical tag optimization
  5. SEO friendly URL structure
  6. Optimization of the h1 to h5 tags (various titles on website)
  7. Image Alt & Title tag optimization
  8. Structured Internal Linking among pages
  9. XML sitemaps

Hope this helps you comprehend all the activities to be done on On-page SEO. For more keep checking this space.


Keyword Research – Most important component of SEO process

In this SEO series so far we have covered the overview of all the processes involved in the SEO, now we will deep dive in each of these processes and explore the best methods of undertaking them.

In this article we will understand Keywords Analysis and Research. We are skipping Business Analysis as there is no set method to analyse the businesses which may fall under different categories.

Keywords Analysis is one of the most important function. If this step goes wrong, you end up goofing up the entire SEO. Before deep dive into this process you need to have a clear answer to the following question.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of optimizing the website and it’s content in a manner so that it (the website) is visible in the eye of the search engines for a specific set of keyword/s .

To better understand SEO, we can divide it into the following segments:

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