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Sturdy Processes

We believe in a process oriented methodology, we ensure that our process is so strong that you ought to get great results

Result Oriented

All the activities we undertake, has an underlying purpose of achieving excellent results. No action ever is taken which does not meet the end goal.

Designed to WOW

All our SEO Packages are designed to WOW our customers, it has happened in past & it will continue happening in the future.
Understanding your business for effective SEO

Understand the business

We unlike some other companies, first prefer to get a complete idea about the business it’s product and service offerings. This gives us an edge over competition as we are better versed in handling your content.

Website Analysis

In the online world, the website is like a virtual store and thus no element can be left to chance. We make sure that the entire website is analysed in detail and modified keeping in mind the target audience. We use advance tools to do a complete postmortem analysis.  

Website Analysis

Choose the right Keywords

SEO strongly depends on the quality of the keywords. If you get this step wrong; the entire SEO goes for a toss. We make sure effective keyword analysis is done using various tools such as Keyword Planner , Uber Suggest etc.

Build Effective Content

Next important step would be to create effective content. Content needs to be keyword optimized naturally i.e. the content needs to target the end users and not the search engine bots. When, that happens it automatically generates a good reputation in the eye of the search engines.

On Page Optimization

Detailed On Page Optimization

On Page SEO, is an important part since without this the website stands no chance of making it to the top of the search engines. We ensure this process is done well with various on-page analysis tools. These reports are analysed thoroughly before we implement the changes required.

Impactful Off Page Optimization

Off Page SEO can be referred to reputation building which is a must for any website or web page. It includes various activities such as Link Building, Document Submissions, Directory Submissions and others. We use all the possible White Hat techniques that are required to make sure your website gets a good visibility in the eye of search engines.

Link Building
Google Analytics

Analysis using Analytics & Webmaster

We strongly believe in measuring the results and thus all our efforts are measured through Google Analytics and Webmaster. Analytics not only gives us a complete idea about the users and their behaviour on our website but also gives us insights through which we can improve their experience.

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